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For thousands of years, the Ohlone Indians lived in what is now known as the San Francisco Bay area. Spanish missionaries arrived in the late 1700’s. Milpitas is Spanish for “little cornfields.” Like many small California towns, Milpitas began as a waypost, an in between where farmers raised corn, strawberries, prunes, beets, peas and potatoes. 

Jose Maria Alviso adobe

The City formed in 1954, the same year Ford opened a manufacturing plant. With their eyes on the prize, nearby San Jose tried to annex Milpitas. The "Milpitas Minutemen" were quickly organized and residents voted overwhelmingly to keep Milpitas independent. To make sure no one ever forgot, the City inserted an image of a revolutionary war statute in its logo.

Over time, Milpitas neighborhoods, schools, and shopping areas grew and became popular with local companies as a business friendly community ideally located within the southern portion of the bay area.

In 1984, the closed Ford plant was converted into the largest indoor mall in the Unites States- The Great Mall of the Bay Area. 


Now home to corporate headquarters of San Disk, Cisco Systems, Flextronics, and other high-tech companies Milpitas boasts outstanding schools, popular parks and thoroughfares, and local shops all while maintaining the small town feel and fighting spirit of its forefathers. Milpitas celebrated its 50th birthday on January 26, 2004.